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Business Plan Alternatives

Great business planning has a lot of moving parts. The more you can nail down things like your value proposition, your business model, and your go-to-market strategy, the easier it will be to you to be successful. There’s even that all-important detail of how your business will actually manage to turn a profit. The idea…

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Why Business Plans Are a Waste of Time, But Business Planning Isn’t

One of the questions we’re most frequently asked by entrepreneurs is “Do I really need a business plan?” It happens once every few weeks, and by a surprising variety of business owners, startup founders and aspiring entrepreneurs. Our pat answer is this.  While we’re a huge believer in business planning, we’re not big fans of…

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Entrepreneur: A Job Description

What are the personality traits, core values, and motivations that make for a great entrepreneur? It’s a tricky question to answer, because the best entrepreneurs come from wildly different backgrounds, started businesses for a wide variety of reasons, and often have deeply personal missions driving their work. Steve Jobs and Bill Gates couldn’t have been…

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