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Connect the Supportedly Way


Let’s take a moment to discuss what it means to connect the Supportedly way. If we’re doing our jobs correctly, should look and feel different than most other sites that connect entrepreneurs to support programs. Case in point, how we ask Support Providers and Entrepreneurs to describe their entrepreneurial support programs or their ventures…

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Good Help is Hard to Find


Good Help is Hard to Find, Especially for Entrepreneurs. Here’s an obvious statement. The amount of information and resources the average person has access to today is astounding. If you’ve ever binge-watched shows on your favorite streaming platform or convinced yourself you could fix anything as long as you have YouTube, you know what I’m…

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How To Get Entrepreneurs To See You

Congratulations on creating your Provider account. High five, you’re now part of the Supportedly community!   Our mission is to help entrepreneurs connect to your support programs. To do this, we need to profile your excellent support programs.   It’s easy and free, and you can add as many support programs as you have.…

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