Birds Eye Coaching and Consulting

Birds Eye Coaching and Consulting

Asheville, NC
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The Concept

Birds Eye offers professional and personal development for entrepreneurs in person in the Asheville area, as well as virtually for clients o

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Who's it for?

Aspiring and existing entrepreneurs in the Asheville-area.

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What problem does it solve?

The entrepreneurial journey can be riddled with loneliness- especially at pivotal moments of despair or delight.

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How does it help?

We offer professional and personal development for entrepreneurs. Our approach is holistic and not only focuses on increasing concrete business skills and capacity, but also provides a soundboard along the way.

Program Overview

We dig into the comprehensive skills of our team to offer you a full range of services depending on your specific needs. This may look like detailed cash flow analysis, assistance in testing market assumptions, piloting, developing marketing plans, or even a complete business model overhaul for you to be able to operate more in line with your mission and core values. Our customized programs are designed to bridge the gap between your current surrounding landscape and your hopes for the future. We recommend that clients start out with one of our business assessments and then together we determine if our longer more in-depth customized programs will support you in creating systemic change and progress towards your goals.

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