Cape Fear Future

Cape Fear Future

Wilmington, NC
Wilmington Chamber of Commerce

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The Concept

Developing the region’s knowledge-sector economy to promote economic development and ensure the prosperity of the region.

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Who's it for?

Entrepreneurs, scientists, tech workers, nurses, teachers, in the Cape Fear-area.

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What problem does it solve?

The knowledge-sector economy is of vital importance, how can you promote it to ensure prosperity in your region?

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How does it help?

CFF is supporting programs that will enhance the region’s competitiveness globally, particularly through entrepreneurship. It has successfully helped create jobs, recruit companies, and launch new businesses.

Program Overview

The knowledge sector (entrepreneurs, scientists, tech workers, nurses, teachers, etc.) will continue to be the fuel for economic growth through their development of new businesses, business models, and technological innovation. Cape Fear Future will help the region keep stride with globalization and remain competitive with other cities vying for workers in high-growth industries. The initiative aims to leverage existing assets to build a community where knowledge-sector workers would like to live.

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