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Durham, NC
Golden Pine Ventures

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The Concept

Leveraging our network and relationships in the industry through consulting and advising services to biotechnology and high tech companies.

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Who's it for?

Biotechnology and biomedical opportunities that have the potential to yield substantial return within 3- to-5- years, located in or near the RTP region.

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What problem does it solve?

Starting a biotechnology company is a tremendous undertaking. Developing a strategic plan is important, but difficult.

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How does it help?

Golden Pine Ventures works with entrepreneurs and start-up companies to understand the marketability of their technology and to help the company structure a viable business strategy.

Program Overview

Golden Pine Ventures assists clients in sourcing, negotiating, and closing partnerships that involve collaborative research, financial support, upfront technology access payments, licenses, milestones, royalties, equity investments, options, and other complex contractual structures. Golden Pine initiates contact with potential partners, works with client scientists to scope projects, negotiates contracts and coordinates with internal or external legal counsel to ensure timely contract execution, and reviews assets for out-licensing, and will promote those assets and assist in negotiating and contracting to complete the out-license transaction.

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