Hosiery 102

Hosiery 102

Conover, NC
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The Concept

The Hosiery 102 course covers the basics of hosiery knitting, the dyeing, finishing, and testing quality of the manufacturing process.

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Who's it for?

Hosiery 102 is the follow-up course to Hosiery 101. It is intended for all types of people involved with the Hosiery Industry: buyers, retailers, suppliers, schedulers, supervisors, quality control, personnel, designers, and employees.

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What problem does it solve?

This course helps individuals in the Hosiery Industry to better understand the basic knowledge of hosiery knitting and dyeing.

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How does it help?

At the completion of this course, individuals will have a basic understanding of how yarn numbers affect the weight of socks, stitch formation, how to determine the type of machines socks are made on, and so much more.

Program Overview

Hosiery 102 is the follow-up course to Hosiery 101. This course helps business owners better understand the Hosiery Knitting and Dyeing process.

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