The Concept

Morrisville Innovation Foundation (a program of the Morrisville Chamber of Commerce)

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Who's it for?

HOTTovation welcomes technology-focused new and seasoned entrepreneurs as well as early-stage startups throughout the Triangle that could benefit from the coaching, mentoring, and resources provided.

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What problem does it solve?

HOTTovation is focused on helping entrepreneurs flesh out their idea, conduct preliminary market research for feasibility, evaluate high-level paths to commercialization and provide the foundation needed to aid in fundraising efforts.

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How does it help?

As participants work with their mentors over the course of the program, participants are expected to reach pre-designated milestones and engage in networking and study activities designed to give the entrepreneur’s business a solid foundation.

Program Overview

The HOTTovation program is a startup “percolator” program charged with coaching and mentoring entrepreneurs with innovative and cutting-edge technologies. Given Morrisville’s resources and talent experienced in the life sciences, advanced manufacturing, and high-technology industries, HOTTovation was designed to support entrepreneurs developing the technology of tomorrow. The HOTTovation name stems from Morrisville’s role in the region as the “Heart Of The Triangle,” or HOTT for short. The Morrisville Innovation Foundation, a charitable arm of the Morrisville Chamber of Commerce, operates the HOTTovation program.

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