Hyggie Co-Working Space

Hyggie Co-Working Space

Charlotte, NC

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The Concept

What’s here, right now, is a community of amazing people doing awesome things.

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Who's it for?

Anyone that needs space to work in the Charlotte area.

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What problem does it solve?

When working on a business, it can be challenging to find space to work on it without going to a coffee shop to use their wifi, and you could forget about holding a large meeting in there.

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How does it help?

We provide space for people who need to have large meetings to more intimate ones for a rental fee, or they can become a member and work in our space for as long as they want. We never close.

Program Overview

An excellent co-working space that opens space up to the community to rent out for big meetings or the more intimate one on one sessions. We liked the idea so much we couldn't have just one, so we have three co-working spaces for businesses to rent out. If you really like working in our space then we would suggest making yourself a member where you can have complete access at any time of the day or week that you want.

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