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Chapel Hill, NC
Launch Chapel Hill

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The Concept

Increase the growth potential of high-impact start-up and early stage ventures.

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Who's it for?

Entrepreneurs in the early stages of a business looking to accelerate their rate of growth.

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What problem does it solve?

Entrepreneurs with a business idea need help to mitigate the risks involved in starting a business along with decreasing the time to market.

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How does it help?

Launch Chapel Hill is a support network that helps entrepreneurs in Chapel Hill with all aspects of their business from assisting them with financials to finding them the space they need.

Program Overview

Launch Chapel Hill provides access to a start-up expertise across multiple business functions, including marketing, accounting, and legal resources. Often these services are available pro bono or at preferential rates. We also offer our entrepreneurs access to our network of experts. Our connections span the UNC, Chapel Hill and Orange County communities and can provide deep industry-specific knowledge, introductions to potential customers and access to suppliers and partners.

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