Manufacturing Solutions Center Business Incubation

Manufacturing Solutions Center Business Incubation

Conover, NC
Manufacturing Solutions Center

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The Concept

An incubation program meant to assist textile entrepreneurs and business owners in product development and entering the market.

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Who's it for?

Entrepreneurs and business owners in the textile industry looking for assistance in product development and getting their product(s) to market.

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What problem does it solve?

Our Business Incubation program helps entrepreneurs overcome the need for space to start and grow a textile business. We provide necessary skills, experience, and resources to assist entrepreneurs on their product development journey.

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How does it help?

Manufacturing Solutions Center will provide education, counseling, advising, referral and refining of entrepreneurial skills. Special emphasis will be given to the critical areas of sales, marketing and prevention of business failures.

Program Overview

The Business Incubation assists business owners in prototyping/product enhancement resources, product testing, marketing, distribution, exporting assistance, and helping you get your product to market.

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