Master of Entrepreneurship

Master of Entrepreneurship

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The Concept

Helping you to minimize risk and maximize ROI in your pursuit of innovation.

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Who's it for?

Student entrepreneurs in Western North Carolina.

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What problem does it solve?

When starting or growing your business, it can be easy to misstep, make common mistakes, and fumble while trying to figure out the best practices.

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How does it help?

The ME is a 30-semester hour program with a faculty that has years of practical entrepreneurial experience to help you succeed.

Program Overview

Students will learn from seasoned entrepreneurs who understand all the small steps, common mistakes and best practices it takes to be a successful entrepreneur. You will learn how to identify market opportunities and the subsequent steps of planning, launching and growing a business. The program was developed by the National Content Standards for Entrepreneurship Education and is completely online. Many enrolled students actually launch their start-up while in our program. Benefitting from a professional network and the mentorship of our experienced faculty of successful entrepreneurs, our students explore possible markets, examine product/service feasibility, identify funding opportunities, and learn to build an effective team. This concentration is designed to help students build the tools, assets, experience and network they'll need to lead an entrepreneurial venture.

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