Montcross Area Chamber Events

Montcross Area Chamber Events

Belmont, NC
Montcross Area Chamber of Commerce

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The Concept

Stay involved with what's going on in the Motcross Area Chamber!

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Who's it for?

Anyone in the Montcross-area interested in what's new and going on in the Montcross Area of NC.

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What problem does it solve?

With the hustle and bustle of every day, it can be easy to skim over or miss the awesome events going on in town.

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How does it help?

Providing you with the "what" and "when," and keeping you in the know of what's new in the Montcross-area.

Program Overview

From ribbon cuttings to news, the Town Council meetings to our full events calendar- we have you covered!

Upcoming Events

Past Events

Montcross Area Chamber 59th Annual Celebration

Tue Feb 5| No-cost | Knowledge & Skills

Ribbon Cutting Herblock cartoon exhibit

Tue Jan 15| No-cost | Knowledge & Skills

Ribbon Cutting- Hanks Realty Group

Thu Mar 7| No-cost | Knowledge & Skills

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