NC BioNetwork Natural Products Lab

NC BioNetwork Natural Products Lab

Candler, NC
NC BioNetwork Asheville

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The Concept

Offering analytical and quality assurance testing services and onsite equipment rentals.

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Who's it for?

Life Science businesses, entrepreneurs, and researchers in Western North Carolina.

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What problem does it solve?

Finding a facility that offers equipment rentals as well as appropriate testing services specifically for life science businesses can be challenging.

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How does it help?

The Natural Products Laboratory at ABTCC conveniently provides analytical and quality assurance testing services and onsite equipment rentals, as well as help with method development and training opportunities!

Program Overview

Our lab equipment includes the following: analytical balance, ashing furnace, autoclave, automated moisture analyzer, auto-titrator, biosafety cabinet, blender, circulating water bath, climate chamber, C02 & air tester, compound microscope, cyclone mill, flash point tester, floor centrifuge, freezer, GC, HPLC, HPTLC automatic sampler, HPTLC developing chamber, HPTLC visualizer, ice maker, incubated shaker, incufridge, isotemp incubator, Karl Fischer Titration system, lyophilizer, micro centrifuge, micropipette, millipore ultrapure water, nitrogen evaporator, packaged beverage analyzer, pH meter, precision balance, refractometer, repeat pipette dispenser, rotary evaporator, shell freezer, sonicator, stereomicroscope, stomacher mixer, tabletop centrifuge, UV/Vis spectrometer, vacuum oven, viscometer, and wrist-action shaker.

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