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The Concept

NC IDEA SOAR provides strategic mentorship to female entrepreneurs ready to pursue equity-backed funding to scale.

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Who's it for?

NC IDEA SOAR is specifically targeted to female CEOs of scalable startups prepared to raise a seed or Series A round of equity-backed funding. Female-led startups pursuing a Series B or greater will also be considered based on identifiable needs of the company.

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What problem does it solve?

Securing funding outside of the major entrepreneurial hubs is challenging for all founders, but more acute for women. NC IDEA SOAR is designed to help female entrepreneurs raising capital overcome the obstacles contributing to the gender-specific funding disparity.

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How does it help?

NC IDEA SOAR provides dedicated, strategic mentorship from fundraising strategy experts; access to the NC IDEA network of advisors, workshops and other resources; and timely and warm introductions to investors.

Program Overview

Through strategic mentorship, NC IDEA SOAR supports female-led scalable businesses currently facing the proven funding gap for women seeking equity-backed capital. NC IDEA SOAR provides dedicated mentorship and access to valuable resources providing the support needed to successfully achieve fundraising goals.

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