NCDACS Licenses and Permits

NCDACS Licenses and Permits

Raleigh, NC
North Carolina Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services

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The Concept

The North Carolina Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services oversees the issuance and regulation of the licenses and permits.

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Who's it for?

Agricultural and Consumer businesses in North Carolina.

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What problem does it solve?

Many occupations and activities must be licensed or permitted, but knowing which licenses and/or permits are required and how to obtain them can be confusing.

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How does it help?

The NCDACS provides you with all the information needed to understand what licenses and permits your business requires, and can oversee the issuance and regulation of them.

Program Overview

Licenses and permits the NCDACS oversees and issues are as follows: aerial pesticide applicator, animal shelter, antifreeze, aquaculture license, boarding kennel, bedding manufacturer license, bedding sanitizer license, certified applicator, certified nursery, chick dealer, chicken hatchery, collected plant, drug license, egg dealer, protected plan conservation, fertilizer manufacturer, feed registration, food registration, gain buying and selling, grain dealer, ground pesticide applicator, permit to transport inedible materials, livestock dealer, lp gas dealer, meat and poultry handler, milk and cream tester, nursery dealer, pet shop, poultry processing, propagation, public livestock market, registered nursery, renderer, retail frozen dessert, scale technician, seed dealer, structural pest control license, turkey hatchery, and wholesale frozen dessert.

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