Organic Growers School Sustainability Consulting

Organic Growers School Sustainability Consulting

Asheville, NC
Organic Growers School

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The Concept

Need help with your farm, garden, or homestead? We are your partner on the journey towards self-reliance!

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Who's it for?

Farmers. gardeners, or homesteaders.

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What problem does it solve?

It can be difficult identifying your needs and goals in your journey towards self-reliance.

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How does it help?

We provide on-site coaching and consulting in Western North Carolina and beyond. We're also available by video or audio call with clients outside of our practical reach.

Program Overview

Projects Suitable for Consulting Site Assessment, Earthworks, Water Catchment, Renewable energy, Garden Design &Installation, Orchards, Food Self Reliance, Soil Testing, Animal Systems, Ponds, Greenhouse, Barn & Shed Construction, Sustainable Forestry, Hardscaping, Landscaping, Mapping Your Land, Conservation, Composting, Pasture Management, Companion Planting, Organic Weed, Pest, & Disease Management, Food Storage& Preservation, Herb Gardens, Beekeeping, Wild Plant ID, Farm Planning, Land Design.

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