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The Concept

PitchBreakfast is about providing area startups a chance to practice their most crucial pitch in a challenging but supportive environment.

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Who's it for?

Entrepreneurs looking to gain experience in pitching a business and receive advice on their startup/business idea.

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What problem does it solve?

Knowing how to pitch a business is a crucial step in getting investors. Entrepreneurs who lack the ability to convey their business idea will struggle to receive funding.

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How does it help?

At each event, we feature 3-4 startups who pitch their companies to the audience and a panel of experts we put together. Each startup is given 5 minutes with slides to pitch followed by 10 minutes of feedback and Q&A with our panel and audience.

Program Overview

PitchBreakfast is a safe, supportive environment where entrepreneurs go to connect, learn, and grow. We feature local founders/entrepreneurs/startups getting expert feedback on one of their most valuable assets – their pitch – in order to help get them investor-ready. We’re big believers in Brad Feld’s philosophy that events that engage the entire entrepreneurial stack are important. So we created one! From the entrepreneurs that take the stage, to the distinguished investors and entrepreneurs that sit on our panels, to the community that makes up our audience, we create a great atmosphere where you can get connected without fear. The event is free; we just ask for your email address to keep you up to date with future events. We always want our attendees to get the most out of each event.

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