Planning and Zoning Department

Planning and Zoning Department

Boiling Springs, NC
Boiling Springs Planning and Zoning Department

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The Concept

Providing permit applications and forms as well as resources for property owners and developers.

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Who's it for?

Property owners, developers, and businesses in the Boiling Springs-area in need of proper resources, applications, and forms.

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What problem does it solve?

It can be a challenge to find the appropriate documentation, applications, and forms needed for zoning, land use, signage, and miscellaneous regulations.

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How does it help?

Our Planning and Zoning Department provides all the permit applications and forms, as well as resources for property owners and developers in one easily accessible space.

Program Overview

Our town is committed to ensuring quality development that protects open space, provides adequate transportation networks, promotes economic vitality, provides quality housing, and promotes a sense of community that is compatible with the small town character of Boiling Springs.

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