REX Health Ventures

REX Health Ventures

Raleigh, NC
Rex Health Ventures

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The Concept

A groundbreaking innovation platform to foster and nurture innovative technologies and companies in the healthcare sector.

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Who's it for?

Early stage ideas to mid-stage companies focused in Healthcare Services, Healthcare IT, Medical Devices, and Biopharma Technologies.

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What problem does it solve?

Because of the risks involved in healthcare innovations, it can be challenging to find investors to foster your company and help speed access to your new healthcare product.

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How does it help?

We understand the importance of advancing the future of health and improving patient care. We invest in and partner with you to help bring your groundbreaking innovation to life!

Program Overview

REX Health Ventures supports the discovery and development of new treatments, tools, products, and services that foster innovation and positively impacts the provision of healthcare. We invest in and partner with companies and entrepreneurs to help bring their products and services into the healthcare marketplace.

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