SBTDC Charlotte

SBTDC Charlotte

Charlotte, NC
SBTDC Southern Piedmont Region

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The Concept

Committed to providing knowledge, education and other supportive resources that enable you to innovate and succeed.

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Who's it for?

Current and prospective small and mid-sized businesses in the Piedmont region.

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What problem does it solve?

Many entrepreneurs are lacking the tools they need to build and grow successful businesses.

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How does it help?

SBTDC values the impact flourishing new businesses can have on the NC Economy and provides small business expertise, training, and networking to ensure your business needs to build, grow, and become successful for little to no cost.

Program Overview

The SBTDC service center in Charlotte is located on the UNC Charlotte campus. Our experienced business advisory team offers confidential, in-depth business counseling to mid-sized company business owners and management staff. We routinely assist our clients with developing and implementing viable strategies that enhance their competitive advantage and success in the marketplace.

Upcoming Events

Capture Management Workshop – Charlotte on 9/25/19

Wed Sep 25 | Free | Advice/Mentoring

Capture Management Workshop – Charlotte on 10/16/19

Wed Oct 16 | Free | Advice/Mentoring

Past Events

ECMP Seminar

Tue Aug 6| Free | Advice/Mentoring

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