STEP for Small Business

STEP for Small Business

Raleigh, NC
NC Rural Center

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The Concept

The goal is to build the capacity of participating towns to proactively cultivate entrepreneurs and small businesses within their community.

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Who's it for?

Entrepreneurs who are looking to develop their business in a small town to strengthen the economic development of the area.

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What problem does it solve?

In small towns, there can be plenty of opportunities for entrepreneurs to develop their business but entrepreneurs choose to establish them elsewhere.

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How does it help?

STEP will provide funding and training to entrepreneurs in the town to develop their business.

Program Overview

Entrepreneurs live at the heart of small town economic development – they recognize opportunities and pull together the assets, resources and talent needed to create new economic activity. The Rural Center’s philosophy embraces the critical need to support people in rural communities who are creating and growing local ventures; these businesses, in turn, become the drivers of a community’s economic prosperity. STEP for Small Business helps communities create a proactive pipeline of support that helps more people succeed at starting or growing a venture. The seven towns participating in this pilot project are Marion, Lansing, Elkin, Star, Siler City, Elizabethtown, and Scotland Neck.

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