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Talent Jam

Candler, NC

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The Concept

A one-of-a-kind pitch event where businesses and local talent connect through 1-minute, open-mic pitches.

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Who's it for?

Anyone looking to connect with great talent, businesses, and organizations in their local community.

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What problem does it solve?

We've seen way too many entrepreneurs struggle to find the local talent they need to grow. Talent Jam events help entrepreneurs authentically connect with employees, advisors, investors and more in their own local communities.

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How does it help?

Talent Jam creates a direct, personal, and authentic connection between local talent and the organizations that need them.

Program Overview

Talent Jam is a one-of-a-kind, hyperlocal connectivity tool for individuals, businesses, and organizations to share and find great talent. Talent Jam creates a direct, personal, and authentic connection between local talent and the organizations that need them.

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I went to Talent Jam hoping to find a summer job/internship. It was great to be able to learn about more local businesses and the needs they needed to fill. Although I did not present a pitch, listening to other students present was helpful to help me create my own. I met a small business owner that ended up offering me an internship that eventually led to a full-time job!

I attended Talent Jam as an employer hoping to make connections with both possible employees and other companies. This event really allowed me to do both. I met several students with potential to join my company, and ending up hiring a student intern that has turned into my full-time Office Administrator. The event is laid back and has a positive environment. I would highly recommend to anyone looking for employees or an employer.

I moved to Asheville at the end of 2016. The Monday after I moved here was Talent Jam, so I pitched myself looking for a job - I walked out with 3 interviews, and later got 2 offers. Talent Jam offered me a way to learn about companies and the people behind the companies that is more intimate and personal than reading job postings online. In fact, the job I have I wasn't going to apply for. But after hearing their pitch and meeting their team members, I knew it was the right choice. It can be intimidating getting up in front of a crowd and pitching yourself, why anyone there should hire you. Having said that, everyone on the Talent Jam team is encouraging you, everyone attending is rooting for you, everyone wants to see you succeed. There are not "gotchyas", there are no quizzes, it's just a great way to put yourself out there and make truly meaningful and memorable connections.

I attended the first Talent Jam that was held at Highland Brewery in December 2015. It was such a great event! They had such a great turnout from companies all over Western, NC. I did not pitch at the event but I was there listening to the pitches from companies in the area that were looking for talent. The following day I applied for a job that was pitched at Talent Jam, I was called in for an interview that week and here I am 2 years later still working at VirtualJobShadow.com :)