UNCW Crest Collaboration

UNCW Crest Collaboration

Wilmington, NC
Crest Research Park

Connections / Space & Tools

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The Concept

Working together to create the next generation of biotechnology products and solutions.

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Who's it for?

Biotechnology entrepreneurs in the Wilmington-area.

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What problem does it solve?

Finding ways to connect and communicate with public and private researchers can be difficult.

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How does it help?

UNCW Crest provides a space for researchers, private firms and government agencies to work together in creating the next generation of biotechnology products and solutions.

Program Overview

The facility is designed to encourage open and frequent communication between the park's public and private researchers. With features such as a shared cafeteria and coffee nook, the open campus and common public spaces will allow frequent opportunities for informal and formal collaboration and cooperation to help build relationships, form new ideas and solve problems. Tenants will have access to more than than 80 established researchers from MARBIONC and UNC Wilmington's Basic Science departments with wide-ranging specialties including aquaculture and mariculture development, natural product research, the business of biotechnology and the development of pharmaceuticals from marine species.

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