UNCW Crest Services

UNCW Crest Services

Wilmington, NC
Crest Research Park

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The Concept

Providing the opportunity to trade ideas and spur potential collaboration in a work setting.

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Who's it for?

Scientists in the Wilmington-area.

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What problem does it solve?

It can be challenging finding a work-space that checks all the boxes- all the services and tools you require and other researchers and entrepreneurs to bounce ideas off of.

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How does it help?

UNCW Crest gives you direct access to IT services, a machine shop that offers custom fabrication and consultation with more than 80 Ph.D. level scientists.

Program Overview

The on-site services include biological screening, nutrient analysis, analytical services, synthetic chemists, nuclear magnetic resonance, and stable isotope spectroscopy. The following unique core facilities are available on-site: DNA Sequencing Core Facility, Nutrient Analysis Core Facility, and Spectroscopy Core Facility.

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