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The Concept

Winston Starts is a non-profit that supports startups with a long, low-cost run way, high-caliber mentors, and exceptional resources.

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Who's it for?

We work to serve passionate and coachable entrepreneurs across all growth stages, from those who are looking to transform a business idea into a minimum viable product, to those who are ready to seek venture capital.

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What problem does it solve?

Many entrepreneurs struggle to find the space, resources, guidance, and the exposure to funding opportunities that is necessary to create sustainable growth in their businesses.

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How does it help?

We targets these unmet needs by providing ample office space at a discounted rate, access to exceptional resources within that space, and most importantly exposure to an exceptional group of mentors working to support and guide our founders.

Program Overview

Winston Starts is a non-profit organization that supports startups. We receive companies at any stage and apply considerable resources to help founders and management teams achieve success on a timetable that fits their business model and markets. We offer access to over two dozen high-caliber mentors that offer professional expertise across a wide range of industries. Our hope is that with our long, low-cost runway, exceptional resources, and mentor pool, we will be able to guide, nurture, and grow our companies into high-growth, sustainable businesses that will leave a lasting impact on the Winston-Salem community.

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