Womens Money Club 6 Part Series

Womens Money Club 6 Part Series

Asheville, NC
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The Concept

A 6-part series of down-to-earth discussions about different money topics.

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Who's it for?

Women in the Asheville-area seeking to connect with other women to discuss and learn about different money topics.

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What problem does it solve?

Women have much to learn and teach one another, but it can be difficult to find and connect with a group to teach and learn from one another.

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How does it help?

At the Women’s Money Club, you are one another’s teachers and we facilitate using focused questions and activities which will encourage interactive discussions.

Program Overview

This free, 6-part series encourages women to join together over cheese and crackers to learn and teach one another about different money topics. At the end of the series, those who have attended at least 5 sessions will receive their 3 Credit Reports & Scores free of charge.

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