WRP Greening Assessments

WRP Greening Assessments

Asheville, NC
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The Concept

No-cost “Green Assessments” to hospitality businesses in North Carolina.

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Who's it for?

Any hospitality-related business in North Carolina seeking to market themselves as a “green destination.

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What problem does it solve?

Many hospitality businesses are seeking smart approaches to save money, conserve resources, and be green, but finding the tools to do so can be challenging.

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How does it help?

By providing “Green Assessments,” businesses are able to meet the requirements of the NC Green Travel Recognition Initiative or other green business certification programs.

Program Overview

This offer is an on-site, technical review of a business’s utility use and environmental practices, and includes a report with a cost/benefit assessment of recommendations to improve management strategies for energy, water, solid waste, and recycling efforts.

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