Bunker Labs Detroit

Detroit, Michigan

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About us

Bunker Labs Detroit identifies, qualifies and equips high-performing military veterans and supports their entrepreneurial ventures.

Our Programs



CEOCircle Detroit

, MI | Advice/Mentoring / Connections

A continuum of support for Bunker Labs companies that have displayed higher level growth and traction.


WeWork Veterans in Residence Detroit

, MI | Advice/Mentoring / Space & Tools

Assisting US military veterans and their family members to pursue their life\'s work.


Launch Lab Detroit

, MI | Knowledge & Skills /

The next step for active duty military and veterans who want to start their own businesses and jumpstart the next chapter in their life.


Bunker Brews Detroit

, MI | Connections /

A high impact speaker series and networking event to get you in front of the right people at the right time.