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raising startup capital

Raising Startup Capital: One-Time Costs and Ongoing Expenses

Before you begin to raise capital for your new venture, estimating your expenses is key, but many entrepreneurs ...
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Interview With An Entrepreneur: Jon Jones, CEO/Co-Founder of Anthroware

We sat down with Jon Jones, Anthroware Co-Founder and CEO/Hatch AVL Co-Founder and Programming Chair, to discuss his ...
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NC Regional Round-Up: 9 Resources for Entrepreneurs in Asheville

We knew when we created that there were a lot of amazing resources all over North Carolina, ...
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It’s 2018. Are Classic Business Plans As Useful As A MySpace Account?

If writing a 60+ page detailed account of your business (rather than working on growing your business) sounds ...
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If Someone Were Hiring a Great Entrepreneur, Would You Qualify?

Great entrepreneurs are made, not born. Sure, a few are blessed with ridiculous talent and/or luck, but for ...
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Podcast Mania: The Best Business Podcasts to Help You GSD (Get Sh*t Done)

As it turns out, our team is a bit podcast crazy. We listen to them while we commute, ...
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Entrepreneurs, Here’s How You Can Identify Your “Highest and Best Use” (Part 2)

In Part 1, we covered the concept of “highest and best use”, and how it applies to entrepreneurship. ...
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Entrepreneurs, Do You Know Your “Highest and Best Use”? (Part 1)

Maintaining work/life balance and peak performance is one of the biggest challenges for most entrepreneurs, myself included. But ...
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Employee or Contractor? How to Properly Classify Your Team

It’s time to hire some help. Growing a team is a big step that makes many entrepreneurs full ...
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Calling All Support Program Providers: Connect With Entrepreneurs in North Carolina

As you know, asks our providers to use familiar “elevator speech” marketing language to create a story-based ...
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