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What we’re seeking:

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    Actionable information that's easy for readers to understand and apply to their projects.
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    Clear and concise pieces that readers can consume quickly. Our sweet spot is five-hundred words or less.
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    Entertaining, engaging writing that keeps readers captivated.
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    Stories, stories, stories! Who doesn't love a great story? Answer: no one with a soul.
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How to get started:

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    Check out the helpful tips below.
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    Complete the form below completely.
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    We will do our best to respond to every qualified submission within five business days.
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Helpful Tips:

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    Share personal experiences.

    Think about how your article can speak to your own personal experience. What obstacle did you overcome? How did this experience mold you? What lesson did you learn along the way?

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    Use fresh, thought-provoking topics.

    If you have a new take on a hot or recent topic, we would love to hear about it. Being mindful that any and all sources used, be both trustworthy, primary and cited in your article.

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    Submit relatable content that interests Supportedly users.

    In general, the Supportedly audience consists of entrepreneurs and support program providers. Align your article with at least 1 of the 6 Supportedly help categories on the site. Give our site a quick read over, scroll through our current articles and you will gain an understanding of what type of content best suits Supportedly readers.

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    Leverage your knowledge on a certain topic.

    Give tips and tricks that the reader can take from the article and apply in everyday life. How can you help the reader overcome a problem he or she might be currently experiencing in their business? What valuable advice can you offer to the reader that will help provide some sort of solution after reading your article?


The Common Sense stuff:

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    Cite trustworthy, primary and reliable sources.

    When applicable, always cite sources that you reference in your article. This adds value to your article, gives credit where due, and gives the reader a chance to research more about the topic you are writing on. Not including cited information in your article will slow the editing process down significantly. Please be sure to give credit where credit is due.

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    Proofread it.

    Poorly written, grammar mistake-ridden articles will not be accepted by our team. Before you submit your article to us, we ask that you proofread for grammar, spelling and punctuation errors. We are huge raving fans of Grammarly, click the link to give it a try.

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    Only submit original, unpublished content.

    Plagiarism isn’t flattery, it’s illegal. Any work that you submit that was not written by you will not be published on our site. And yes, we have magical tools that tell us if the content is original or not, so our suggestion is - only submit original work.

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    Limit the number of links you include.

    We actually encourage that you include links within the article if they add value to your argument or to your point of view. However, please limit them to one or two at the most.

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    Avoid self-promotion.

    Because, yuck! We don’t mind a brief bio with a link or two to your product or service, we do encourage this. But please avoid utilizing this opportunity as a mechanism for excessive promotion of your brand or business. Please create a balance in your article, focusing more on providing value to the reader as a whole. Add to the party, don’t crash it.