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Frequently Asked Questions

Connect with Resources to Build Your Business

Learn about Supportedly

What is Supportedly?

Supportedly is a team of people obsessed with helping entrepreneurs thrive. is a tool that makes it easy for entrepreneurs to connect to helpful support resources and each other.  

Who uses

Entrepreneurs who are interested in starting and growing their business use to find support programs that may help them. Providers of support resource programs also use to profile their programs.

What’s footprint?

Right now we are working to build our local, home state network right here in the Tar Heel state (aka North Carolina). But we have plans of expanding our offerings to additional states in the very near future!

Is free to use?

Absolutely! You could start right NOW with creating a free profile here!

What are the User Types?

Entrepreneur User

This is you if you’re interested in getting help starting or growing your business venture.

Resource Provider User

This is you If you’re interested in helping entrepreneurs starting or growing their business ventures for low or no cost.

Marketplace User (Coming soon!)

This is you if you’re interested in providing fee-based services to entrepreneurs who are starting or growing their business ventures.

What are Profile Types?

A Venture Profile

This is where Entrepreneur Users share the details on their businesses.

A Program Profile

This is where Resource Provider Users share the details on their support programs.

A Marketplace Profile (Coming Soon!)

This is where Marketplace Users share the details on their support services.

How to use Supportedly

Why can’t I find the support program I’m searching for?

Many factors could play into this. Either a specific program is not available in your area, or the program is not yet entered into our site. Keep checking back, or refine your search.

Know of an awesome Support Program? We’re open to suggestions! If you know about a support program out there that would make a great addition to our site, reach out and tell us about it. Send your suggestion to

How do I filter my search results to find what I’m looking for?

There are several ways to filter program search results. Filter by support/help category type (Money, Connections, Knowledge & Skills, Space & Tools, Talent or Advice & Mentoring), Service Area, and Cost.

How do I connect with a program?

Easy.  Simply go to and click the “Connect” button on any Program Profile page.  Don’t forget to add a quick, personal message. Resource Providers love that!

How do support programs receive ratings?

From you, the Entrepreneur users! If you create a connection on the Supportedly site, we strongly recommend sharing your experience with the rest of us. Do so by visiting the program’s profile page and leave your review there.

Troubleshooting My Account

Why isn’t Supportedly working?

If Supportedly isn’t working, you may be experiencing a network connectivity issue, an issue with the device you are using, an issue with your Supportedly account, or we are working on something behind the scenes to help make your Supportedly experience that much better.

First, troubleshoot by refreshing the page or clearing your cache. If your issue does not resolve, please use the “Feedback”  button in the far right corner of the screen to contact us directly. We’re here to help!

I’m having trouble logging into my account, what do I do?

No problem, we’ve got your back! On the “login” page, click “Forgot Password” and you will be sent an email to reset your login information.

Manage My Account

If I have an idea for Supportedly to improve the site, how do I submit that feedback?

Heck yeah!  We love feedback. The easiest way to share your suggestions is to click on the feedback button on the left side of the screen, right over there >>.   You can also submit your feedback old-school by us at

Can users (Support Providers & Entrepreneurs) advertise on Supportedly?

Yes, if by advertise you mean showcasing your Programs and Ventures by adding your profiles. If you mean banners, sorry newp. Providers, click here to add your Programs now; Entrepreneurs, click here to add your Ventures now.

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