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Meet Brian Leonard, Owner of Appalachian Ironworks

Meet Brian Leonard, Owner of Appalachian Ironworks

Brian Leonard of Appalachian Ironworks in Marshall, North Carolina discusses why he loves owning a business in the Western North Carolina region.

Meet Meg Ragland, Founder and CEO of Plum Print

Meet Meg Ragland, Founder and CEO of Plum Print

Meg Ragland, founder and CEO of Plum Print discusses moving her business from NYC to Asheville, NC. Not only did Meg choose to take advantage of several entrepreneur support programs in the region, but she has also become an active leader in the ecosystem, as a board member, mentor, and ecosystem advocate.

Meet Jonathan Szucs, Owner of Advanced Superabrasives

Meet Jonathan Szucs, Owner of Advanced Superabrasives

Jonathan Szucs General Manager and owner of Advanced Superabrasives, located in Mars Hill, North Carolina talks not only about the importance of effectively connecting to your ecosystem through networking and outreach, but he also discusses the importance of thinking globally (and, for them, interplanetary) while starting and growing a business in a rural area.

Meet Leah Wong Ashburn, CEO of Highland Brewing Company

Meet Leah Wong Ashburn, CEO of Highland Brewing Company

Leah Wong Ashburn, President/CEO and family owner of Highland Brewing Company, Asheville’s first post-prohibition brewery, discusses the thought needed for succession planning, her advice to entrepreneurs, and what it’s like to start and grow a business in Asheville, North Carolina.

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Locals: Intro to SBC (Connect Property)

Locals: Intro to SBC (Connect Property)

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Quick insights & advice from entrepreneurs on planning, starting, and growing businesses.

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Jennifer Indicott, Owner of Fercott Fermentables

The Key To Maintaining A Solid Customer Base

Jennifer Indicott, owner of Fercott Fermentables in Lenoir, talks about the importance of pivoting your plan, the key to maintaining a solid customer base, and her advice on how to manage risk.

Finding Business Success In A Male-Dominated Industry

Kaila Savage, owner of HorsePower Park in Morganton, sheds light on finding success in a male-dominated industry, the importance of the entrepreneurial mindset, and how Burke County supports small businesses.

Budgeting For Small Business Expenses

Beth Sexton, owner of Bloom Market in Lincolnton, discusses budgeting for small business expenses, managing risk, and what makes Lincoln County such a great place for budding entrepreneurs.

Meg Ragland Asheville Entrepreneur Advice Supportedly

Entrepreneur Advice For Personal Development and Wellness

Listen to these experienced entrepreneurs talk about their best practices and advice on tackling the tricky task of taking care of yourself while taking care of your small business. From making time for exercise to balancing family and work, these small business owners share their stories of struggle when it comes to separating their business…

Amanda Vickers Asheville Entrepreneur Advice Supportedly

Entrepreneur Advice From Female Small Business Owners

Listen to this group of talented female entrepreneurs talk about the different struggles and triumphs they’ve faced while planning, starting, and growing their small businesses. While many express the feeling of no longer being alone and the influx of women-owned business support networks, others reiterated the fact that women still make less money than their…

Nathan Masters Asheville Entrepreneur Advice Supportedly

Entrepreneur Advice For Planning Your Small Business

Listen to these entrepreneurs talk about the challenges, setbacks, and successes they experienced while planning their businesses. From not being fully prepared and what they would tell their younger selves today to the importance of talking to your target audience and branding yourself in the right way, they give their advice as they look back…

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