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Meet Asia Magnus, Owner of Mae's Coffee Shop

Meet Asia Magnus, Owner of Mae’s Coffee Shop

Asia discusses opening her business, Mae’s Coffee Shop, in downtown Maiden, North Carolina. She tells us what it’s like to take the risk to open a business and the changes it’s had on the area where she opened.

Meet Jordan Schindler, Founder/CEO of Texdel

Meet Jordan Schindler, Founder/CEO of Texdel

Jordan Schindler relocated his business to Conover, North Carolina and is located in the Manufacturing Solutions Center. He discussed the unique support available to entrepreneurs starting their businesses in the Catawba region.

Meet Zach Cranford, Founder of 1712 Spirits

Meet Zach Cranford, Founder of 1712 Spirits

Zach Cranford discusses the benefits of starting and growing a business in the Catawba region. Zach is the founder of Foothills Distillery, 1712 Spirits and Standard Oyster Company.

Meet Tammy and Stewart Cook, Founders of The App Garden

Meet Tammy and Stewart Cook, Founders of The App Garden

Tammy and Stewart Cook, founders of The App Garden, discuss their entrepreneurship journey, starting and growing their business in Hickory, North Carolina. They talk about the challenges of scaling a nationwide business and the support that they’ve had along the way to do just that.

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Locals: Intro to SBC (Connect Property)

Locals: Intro to SBC (Connect Property)

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Quick insights & advice from entrepreneurs on planning, starting, and growing businesses.

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Turning Your Hobby Or Side Hustle Into A Full-Time Business

Courtney and Spencer Tetrault, owners of Axe & Awl Leatherworks in Waynesville, open up about turning their hobby full-time, marketing via social media, and starting a business with your spouse.

How To Keep The Love For Your Work Alive

Mark Warwick, General Manager of WTZQ Radio in Hendersonville, opens up about what makes Henderson County great, how to keep the love for your work alive, and the best business advice he's ever received.

Jessie Dean Asheville Entrepreneur Advice Supportedly

Planning A Business? Find A Coach

Jessie Dean, founder and CEO of Asheville Tea Company, talks about finding a business coach when planning your business, learning how to pitch your business to investors, and becoming a leader at your organization.

Booomer Sassman Asheville Entrepreneur Advice Supportedly

Entrepreneur Advice For Managing Risk

Listen to these entrepreneurs talk about their best advice when it comes to managing risk. They discuss writing down your ideal outcomes, finding the right consultants, having alternative streams of income, anticipating every scenario, and more.

Meg Ragland Asheville Entrepreneur Advice Supportedly

Entrepreneur Advice For Personal Development and Wellness

Listen to these experienced entrepreneurs talk about their best practices and advice on tackling the tricky task of taking care of yourself while taking care of your small business. From making time for exercise to balancing family and work, these small business owners share their stories of struggle when it comes to separating their business…

Nathan Masters Asheville Entrepreneur Advice Supportedly

Entrepreneur Advice For Planning Your Small Business

Listen to these entrepreneurs talk about the challenges, setbacks, and successes they experienced while planning their businesses. From not being fully prepared and what they would tell their younger selves today to the importance of talking to your target audience and branding yourself in the right way, they give their advice as they look back…

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