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Time Management Tips to Turn Your Side Hustle Into Your Main Gig

Jessica, an Entrepreneur from Lexington, KY, asked us this great question: How can I figure out how to better allot my time to eventually turn my side hustle into my main gig?

The Basics of Customer Discovery

Figure out how to test your idea, discover your target audience, and evaluate how your business stacks up to competitors out in the real-world of consumers.

Marketing Hack: Think About, Organize and Manage Your Marketing Like a Boss

Discover a simpler, more actionable way to think about your marketing activities and reach the goals you have for your business.

Local Entrepreneur Spotlights

Your community is filled with entrepreneurs out there making their dreams come true, just like you. Check out what they're doing and get inspired for the journey through these entrepreneur spotlights.

Meet Gary Daemer, Founder of InfusionPoints

Meet Gary Daemer, Founder of InfusionPoints

Gary Daemer discusses the ease with which he is able to grow his high tech business in Wilkes County, North Carolina and the benefits to his quality of life he enjoys along the way.

Meet Kelly McCoy, Owner of River Girl Fishing Co.

Meet Kelly McCoy, Owner of River Girl Fishing Co.

Kelly McCoy is clearly passionate about providing exceptional experiences for everyone who visits her in Todd, North Carolina. Her fishing and outfitter business caters to everyone from serious fly fishers to families looking for a relaxing trip down the river. She discusses the passion she puts into her business and the community that backs her up along the way.

Johnny Wishon, Founder of Wishon Evergreens

Johnny Wishon, Founder of Wishon Evergreens

Johnny Wishon of Wishon Evergreens gives us a peek into the world of agri-business and what it takes to start and grow a Christmas tree, wreath, and garland farm in Alleghany County North Carolina. Here’s a hint…it takes at least 10 years of patience, hard work, and an awesome staff to keep it going!

Meet Shana Whitehead, Founder of Muddy Creek Cafe

Meet Shana Whitehead, Founder of Muddy Creek Cafe

Shana Whitehead of Muddy Creek Cafe and Music Hall discusses why she fell in love with the idea of starting a restaurant and music venue in the heart of Sparta, North Carolina.

Real Business Questions From Real Entrepreneurs (Like You)

“I need more money to advance my business, but I’m uncertain of where to find it. How can I fund my business?”

Asked by Jake, an entrepreneur from Shelby, NC

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“How can I market in ways that are direct in advocating for what I want but not perceived as sales solicitations?”

Asked by Scott, from Palm Beach, FL

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“How can I figure out how to better allot my time to eventually turn my side hustle into my main gig?”

Asked by Jessica, from Lexington, KY

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