037 Igniting Innovation and Entrepreneurship with UNC Wilmington CIE Director, Diane Durance

Show Notes

Diane joins me today to share how the Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship (CIE) connects the university’s resources with entrepreneurs and venture startups. She describes the Mentor Group Program and the coworking space provided by CIE and reveals the upcoming networking and learning events. I also spoke with Claire to learn more about Skilly-do and how CIE helped her start her businesses and connect with expert mentors.

Our mission is to connect and ignite the regional strengths and the university expertise to create innovation and entrepreneurial solutions.

Diane Durance

This week on the Supportedly Podcast:

  • How the university’s resources help Wilmington’s businesses and community entrepreneurs.
  • How the university connects startup ventures with local professionals and retired CEOs and entrepreneurs.
  • How the Mentor Group Program connects high potential entrepreneurs with mentors.
  • The different venture stages that the mentors are looking to engage with.
  • The equipment, technology, and Media Team Services that are available in the coworking space and incubator space.
  • The networking and learning events held by the UNC Wilmington Center for Innovation.
  • Recent events and programs that helped marine fisheries and the creative economy.
  • How Skilly-do helps preschool children learn, grow, and have fun.
  • How CIE helped Claire develop her venture and connect with the right people.
  • The advice that Claire would give to new entrepreneurs.

They’re going to connect you with the right people – because they know the right people – and they don’t hesitate. If they can help you, they are going to help you.

Claire Holroyd

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Host: Stephanie Kissel

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Diane Durance

Diane Durance is the Director of the UNC Wilmington Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship, an organization that provides working space, tools, networking opportunities, and mentorship to entrepreneurs and new venture startups. Diane was previously the President of MiQuest, a company that promotes entrepreneurship through publications and events. She holds a Bachelor of Business Administration and a Masters of Public Administration from the Southern Methodist University.

Claire Holroyd

Claire Holroyd is the Co-Founder and CEO of Skilly-do, a company that helps parents use their time effectively and help their preschool children learn through play. Claire received the John Hope Franklin Award from the Center for Documentary Studies and has a BA in Public Policy from Duke University. Claire also has an MFA in Photography, Video and Related Media from the School of Visual Arts. Claire’s career includes working for companies such as Qualcomm, the PlayStation Network, and Square Enix.