030 Pitch It Perfect: Best Practices to Nail Your Next Pitch with RIoT Underground’s Dr. Sarah Glova

Show Notes

On today’s episode, Sarah joins me as a co-host to discuss the best pitch practices we saw at the RAP Pitch Night, what startups should be doing, and the pitch practices they need to avoid. We discuss the vital elements that should be included in any start-up’s pitch and share fantastic examples of each component, using hand-picked audio from the RAP Pitch Night. We also discuss some of the common mistakes entrepreneurs make when pitching their idea, product, or company and how you can avoid these mistakes and nail your next pitch.

It’s not always a pitch for investment, sometimes it a pitch for that person that you need.

Dr. Sarah Glova

This week on the Supportedly Podcast:

  • The fundamental elements to include in a pitch.
  • The importance of practicing and being prepared for pitching your product or startup.
  • The importance of ‘defining the problem.’
  • How to convince the panel that your solution is the right solution to the problem.
  • Explaining the value proposition and path to revenue in a pitch.
  • How to create traction around the use case for your product.
  • Alternatives ways to validate a use case if there are not yet customers.
  • The importance of describing your team, their strengths, and how it can help you ‘fill the gaps’ in your team.

Be prepared. Do not think you can just jump up and give your 60-second pitch.

Stephanie Kissel

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Host: Stephanie Kissel

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Dr. Sarah Glova

Dr. Sarah Glova is the host of RIoT Underground and the Director of Growth & Communications for RIoT, a non-profit organization that is committed to growing the IoT market sector. Sarah is the Founder of Reify Media, an award-winning digital media company. She also taught technical writing for business and engineering students at NC State University and is a published author and international speaker on women in tech, technology in education, women in entrepreneurship, and technology trends. She has an M.S. in Technical Communication and aPh.D. in Instructional Technology from the North Carolina State University.