AAAC Creative Sector Summit

Asheville, NC | Online

CSS is an annual gathering of creatives, administrators, city officials and supporters to discuss the progress of the arts in Buncombe County.

Our annual Creative Sector Summit's goal is to create an ever more vibrant quality of life in Buncombe County by bringing together the creative sector and its partners for the realization of collaborative opportunities in community and economic development. Since 2010 the Asheville Area Arts Council, in partnership with the City of Asheville, has convened the Creative Sector Summit, the region's only creative industry specific annual conference. The Summit is an initiative recommended by the 2009 Downtown Asheville Master Plan. Past partners and sponsors include the Asheville Area Chamber of Commerce, The Asheville Art Museum, The Asheville Community Theater, Handmade in America, The Asheville HUB Project, Arts North Carolina, the North Carolina State Arts Council, Land of Sky Regional Council, and affiliate organizations and individuals within the Asheville/Buncombe area creative sector.

Who is this program for?

All are welcome to attend this annual summit. Arts professionals and locals who are interested in discussing equity, economic impact, creative culture, arts education, and creative placemaking will find this summit beneficial.

What problem does it solve?

The Creative Sector Summit strives to address to the challenges of the working artist and economic development in Buncombe County.

How does it help?

Issues are addressed by knowledgeable panels made up artists, supports, administrators and city officials.

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