Advent Coworking

Charlotte, NC | In-person

Advent Coworking is a creative Community, Art Gallery, Event Space and Podcast Studio in Charlotte, NC.

Advent Coworking in Charlotte, NC is more than just a space to come work on your business alone. Our mission is to create an environment where our members are productive, grow, and collaborate. Advent Coworking team members are honed on cultivating an empowering place for Charlotte entrepreneurs who are curious and innovative. At Advent Coworking we strive to be advocates for diversity and our specialized skills allow us to nurture a community of passion and productivity.

Members of Advent Coworking will have access to our network of entrepreneurs to help them with their business. We also rent out space to anyone in the Charlotte area that needs to hold a meeting.

Who is this program for?

Business owners in Charlotte that need to hold meetings or just need a place to work for a while.

What problem does it solve?

Having the right environment to work in is crucial for any business owner to grow their business. Many times people resort to working in coffee shops or in their own home to get work done, but that is not the most productive way.

How does it help?

We provide working space for business owners the space that they need along with all the benefits that we offer with membership.

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