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Need Startup Funding? Peer-to-Peer Lending May Be Your Answer

Jun 12, 2018

So you’re launching a startup or running a small business and have run down the usual list of potential funders, but you’ve come up empty-handed… Relax, grab your favorite beverage, and read on. A solution for startup funding may be easier than you think. One of the few benefits of the 2008 economic crisis was…

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NC Regional Round-Up: 10 Resources For Entrepreneurs in Raleigh-Durham

Jun 8, 2018

We knew when we created that there were a lot of amazing resources all over the state, but even we’ve been blown away by how many programs are available to support you on your entrepreneurial journey. Over the next couple of months we’re going to highlight just a few from each region. In this…

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How To Cultivate Entrepreneurial Resilience “The Supportedly Way”

Jun 8, 2018

Do you find the journey of entrepreneurship daunting, overwhelming and stressful? You’re not alone! In fact, the majority of business owners find themselves “in the weeds” at times. The good news is that there’s lots of free and low-cost qualified help out there. Helping you find that help is what is all about. To…

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How To Make New Connections as an Entrepreneur

Jun 6, 2018

No matter where you are in your entrepreneurship journey, a strong network will help you be more successful – whether you need to sell more products, attract new clients, connect to funding sources, or build your team. Makes sense, right? But, for many, networking is uncomfortable and can be downright scary. It’s difficult to figure…

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Best Blogs & Websites for Entrepreneurs: Supportedly Team Picks

Jun 4, 2018

With the launch of our refreshed website, we’re rounding up some kick-ass online resources! This month, our focus is on our picks for best blogs and websites for entrepreneurs. Going forward, we’ll be posting our favorite podcasts, newsletters, social media accounts, YouTube videos and more! So stay tuned! In the meantime, we hope you find…

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5 Questions to Ask Before Joining a Coworking Space

May 31, 2018

When I started my solopreneur journey recently in Asheville, NC, I knew I wanted to check out some of the coworking space options in town. I’m more productive in an office than I am at home, and as a freelance web developer and marketer who works alone (aside from communicating with my clients, of course),…

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Connect the Supportedly Way

Jan 17, 2018

Let’s take a moment to discuss what it means to connect the Supportedly way. If we’re doing our jobs correctly, should look and feel different than most other sites that connect entrepreneurs to support programs. Case in point, how we ask Support Providers and Entrepreneurs to describe their entrepreneurial support programs or their ventures…

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Good Help is Hard to Find

Jan 11, 2018

Good Help is Hard to Find, Especially for Entrepreneurs. Here’s an obvious statement. The amount of information and resources the average person has access to today is astounding. If you’ve ever binge-watched shows on your favorite streaming platform or convinced yourself you could fix anything as long as you have YouTube, you know what I’m…

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How To Get Entrepreneurs To See You

Jan 9, 2018

Congratulations on creating your Provider account. High five, you’re now part of the Supportedly community!   Our mission is to help entrepreneurs connect to your support programs. To do this, we need to profile your excellent support programs.   It’s easy and free, and you can add as many support programs as you have.…

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040 Wrapping Up Season 1 with Our Favorite Entrepreneurial Advice

Jul 2, 2019

Entrepreneurs, startups, and small businesses can find it challenging to get their idea up and running for a variety of reasons. There may be business skills you need to learn, or perhaps an angel investor is required to bring your product or service from idea to reality. Perhaps you are unsure of what to put…

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039 NC IDEA: Grant Application Best Practices & Mistakes to Avoid with John Austin

Jun 25, 2019

John joins me today to share how the NC IDEA grant process is structured and to describe the grant application best practices. He highlights how entrepreneurs can tackle stage one and stage two forms and explains what entrepreneurs should (and shouldn’t) do in each stage. Here also shares best practices for delivering a pitch and…

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038 Podcasting Best Practices: Elevating Your Brand Through Storytelling with Dan Radin of Auxbus

Jun 18, 2019

Dan joins me today to share why he started Auxbus and why its podcast creation solution differs from others in the industry. He describes the four stages of podcast creation and reveals the different models for generating an income or building a brand through the production and distribution of a podcast. Dan also shares how…

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037 Igniting Innovation and Entrepreneurship with UNC Wilmington CIE Director, Diane Durance

Jun 11, 2019

Diane joins me today to share how the Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship (CIE) connects the university’s resources with entrepreneurs and venture startups. She describes the Mentor Group Program and the coworking space provided by CIE and reveals the upcoming networking and learning events. I also spoke with Claire to learn more about Skilly-do and…

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036 Developing Connections to Capital and Mentors with CED Director Jay Bigelow

Jun 4, 2019

Jay joins me today to share the programs, mentorship, workshops, and conferences that are provided by the Council for Entrepreneurial Development. He explains how the Connections to Capital program and Venture Mentoring Service helps entrepreneurs and the process they use to vet applicants for the CEO Round Table events. He also shares what you can expect…

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035 Improving Your Leadership Skills as a Science-Based Entrepreneur with Praetego Co-Founder & CEO, Pepper Landson

May 28, 2019

Joan joins me today to share how tech-based entrepreneurs and science-based entrepreneurs differ in the position of founding a startup. I also spoke with Pepper to learn her perspective on the importance of science-based entrepreneurs shifting their mindset from “leadership” to “service-ship.” She shares the common misconceptions surrounding entrepreneurship and being a “good leader” and…

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034 Launching Larger Than Life Biotech Companies into the Entrepreneurial Ecosystem with Joan Siefert Rose

May 21, 2019

Joan joins me today to share how LaunchBio is helping life science and biotech companies through coworking spaces, wet labs, and support programs. She shares the networking opportunities within and outside of the region and how LaunchBio is bringing strategic partners together. I also spoke with Pepper to learn more about how LaunchBio and BioLabs…

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033 Creative Entrepreneurship: How to Xpand Your Brand to New Heights with Johanna Hagarty

May 14, 2019

Johanna joins me today to share the impact creatives make from a global perspective. She shares how her career started and what inspired her to start her own company. She explains how some professions, like accountants, can be considered creative and how an artist can transition to becoming a creative entrepreneur. She also shares her…

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Bonus 001 Enhancing Creativity & Artistry Through Entrepreneurship with Kevin Clark

May 9, 2019

On today’s bonus episode, Kevin highlights the importance of embracing the creative side of being an entrepreneur. He explains the connection between your creativity and entrepreneurship, the lessons he has learned throughout his journey, and how artistry can affect your journey in starting a business. He also shares valuable tips for those who are looking…

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