AAAC Artist Business Brainstorm

Asheville, NC



Artist Business Brainstorm Sessions are FREE group brainstorming opportunities for artist entrepreneurs who are members of AAAC at any level or $15.00 to non-members (which will be applied to an Individual Membership) to meet with professionals in the business field. These sessions provide an artist looking for individual coaching on a specific topic the opportunity to meet with a skilled professional willing to offer suggestions to help grow their business. We believe Asheville area businesses and artists can support each other through creative collaboration that will ultimately enhance our community.

Who is this for?

The AAAC is interested in supporting artists who are serious about strengthening, developing and growing their businesses.

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What problem does it solve?

ABB aids artists who struggle with the business side of building a brand.

How does it help?

ABB offers business tips for how the creative entrepreneur can successfully build and market their craft.