BioInnovation Capital

Cambridge, MA


BioInnovation Capital is an early-stage life sciences venture firm that provides capital to member companies.

BioInnovation Capital invests in the most promising life science companies who reside in premier shared lab facilities where our partners are on-site every day. As the first investment platform to knit together a national network of co-working laboratories, we have a unique lens and an unparalleled position from which to invest.

Who is this for?

Early-stage life sciences ventures in the Cambridge, Raleigh, San Francisco, or San Diego-areas.

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What problem does it solve?

It can be challenging for early-stage bio-innovators to find resources including capital and connections, but also to find investors willing to add value to such ventures.

How does it help?

Our portfolio companies benefit from the collaborative ecosystem we have, enabling innovation to go further and faster on less capital.