Bootstrap Advisors

Durham, NC


Our passion is transforming your ideas into products, brands, and businesses.

Great ideas are born out of necessity. Everyday people dream up novel solutions to improve their lives and solve their problems. At Bootstrap Advisors, our passion is transforming these ideas into products, brands and businesses. We are not an incubator or just investors, we are transformers. We put our own money, our time, our sweat and our passion into growing ideas into great businesses. Come to us with a great idea and a passion for creating a killer product or fantastic company and we will help make that dream come true!

Who is this for?

Low-tech consumer-oriented product, pre-revenue or very early stage revenue company with a developed prototype which solves a specific market need.

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What problem does it solve?

Do you have a great product or idea, but can't find the backing that will also provide goal-setting, accountability, and empowerment?

How does it help?

We believe in a management philosophy of accountability and empowerment and have experience with developing companies from pre-revenue ideas into profitable businesses.