Catawba Valley CC Small Business Seminars and Workshops

Aberdeen, NC


Assisting entrepreneurs as they start and grow their small businesses throughout NC!

The CVCC Small Business Center is part of NC’s state Small Business Center Network, providing assistance to start-ups and small business owners. We provide free confidential business counseling and put on seminars and workshops to assist individuals working starting a new business and to assist small business owners with growing existing businesses. We also serve as a connector to other local, state-wide, and regional resources.

Who is this for?

Individuals interested in starting a business; existing small business owners.

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What problem does it solve?

Providing information and resources to increase the chances of a successful start-up and helping existing businesses grow and add to our local economy.

How does it help?

Seminars provide hands-on instruction and assistance for starting a business and growing a business. Topics range from Funding, to Business Plans, Social Media Marketing and more!