Mountain BizWorks Lending

Asheville, NC


Blending lending and learning while offering peer-to-peer business coaching.

For 27 years, Mountain Bizworks has been providing small business loans to help businesses in Western North Carolina launch and expand. Our loans range from $1,000 to $250,000, and we focus on entrepreneurs who have trouble securing funding from banks and other tranditional lenders.

Jay Weatherly of High Five Coffee Bar says, “Finding a loan is not easy. Mountain Bizworks prepared me for taking on loans and provided my business with significant start-up capital.”

Who is this for?

Small business entrepreneurs in Western North Carolina

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What problem does it solve?

Securing funding from banks and other traditional sources as a small business can be a challenge.

How does it help?

By considering non-traditional funding options, we help entrepreneurs overcome lending obstacles so they can better grow their business.