NC BioNetwork Test Kitchen

Candler, NC


Providing onsite equipment rental for entrepreneurs working on food and beverage product formulation.

Our lab equipment includes the following: 2 compartment sink, 3 compartment sink, airblade, antigriddle, ATP meter, automatic under counter dishwasher, bakers dough scale, benchtop food dehydrator, benchtop freeze dryer system, benchtop spray dryer, citrus juicer, combi oven, countertop convection oven, countertop deep fryer, digital water meter, electric pressure cooker, electric range with convection oven, fermentation crock, food processor, freezer, gluten allergen detection, handheld food smoker, handwashing sink, hold oven, home milk and cream pasteurizer, immersion blender, large mixer, magnetic stir plate, medium duty charbroiler, microwave, peristaltic pump, pH/dissolved oxygen meter, refractometer, refrigerator, rotary evaporator, salad spinner, salinometer, shell freezer, sous vide system, steam kettle, table top vat pasteurizer, temperature monitoring system, thermometer, timer, ventless recirculating hood system, and water activity meter.

Who is this for?

Entrepreneurs in Western North Carolina working on food and beverage product formulation.

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What problem does it solve?

When working on food and beverage product formulation, finding the right space and equipment for development can be difficult and costly.

How does it help?

In addition to space, our Test Kitchen offers commercial, non-traditional, and testing equipment, as well as foundational training support.