Test Drive Asheville

Asheville, NC


Startups gain traction by sampling, marketing and selling merchandise at the region's most well-attended events in Asheville, NC.

The City of Asheville, Mountain Bizworks and festival producers have officially joined forces to create Test Drive, a program that allows pre-revenue and startup entrepreneurs to sample, market and sell merchandise at the region's most well-attended events in Asheville. Businesses must be pre-revenue or a very early startup making less than $20k in annual revenue. Participants can join the team by participating in a six-step process.

Who is this for?

Consumer product and services startups and entrepreneurs and with less than $20K in revenue per year who's target customers attend Asheville's events and festivals.

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What problem does it solve?

There are few low-cost and time-effective opportunities to sample, sell, or test products in front of lots of actual customers in a natural commercial setting.

How does it help?

The six-step process provides startups with actionable market feedback critical traction by securing early customers or valuable feedback from their target markets.