Bull City Venture Partners

Bull City Venture Partners

Durham, NC
Bull City Venture Partners

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The Concept

Partnering with outstanding entrepreneurs to create market-leading companies.

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Who's it for?

Early-stage Software, Internet, Mobile, Health IT, and E-Commerce entrepreneurs in the Southeast and Mid-Atlantic regions.

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What problem does it solve?

It is hard to come by investors who truly value and respect the entrepreneurs they support, and who will work as hard as those entrepreneurs.

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How does it help?

We are active connectors with customers, partners, acquirers, and other sources of capital and talent, and value each company we work with.

Program Overview

We take a team approach to venture investing. One of us may lead an investment, but we are both active in due diligence and all our companies get the full support and engagement from the partners and Advisory Board. We are also known for over-servicing our companies. We hope to work as hard as our entrepreneurs. We are active connectors with customers, partners, acquirers, other sources of capital and talent. We have one of the best partner-to-company ratios in the VC business. This allows us to add more value to each company. This also means each company is important to us. Our focused portfolio also leads to increased alignment with our entrepreneurs.

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