Homegrown Leaders

Homegrown Leaders

Raleigh, NC
NC Rural Center

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The Concept

Takes a broader and deeper regional approach to rural economic development and leadership advancement.

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Who's it for?

Entrepreneurs who are looking to learn more about being a leader and how to grow within their region.

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What problem does it solve?

While an entrepreneur can start a business in an area, they will still need help to grow within the community at both local and regional levels.

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How does it help?

The N.C. Rural Center will host a series of three-day Homegrown Leaders leadership and economic development training.

Program Overview

Homegrown Leaders is a valuable tool that educates leaders on the art of collaborating on a regional level. The resources provided were extremely helpful and the networking opportunities impressive. I met new colleagues that I have continued to collaborate with on a variety of projects. I learned diverse ways I can contribute to regional economic development in the counties that I serve through my work. It’s an excellent course, worth the time and effort to attend and participate to gain extensive leadership skills.

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