MBCOI Opportunities

MBCOI Opportunities

Wilmington, NC
Marine BioTechnologies Center of Innovation

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The Concept

Providing access to several unique platforms.

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Who's it for?

Marine science and biotechnolgy companies in the Wilmington-area.

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What problem does it solve?

Are you looking to collaborate with other marine science and biotechnology companies?

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How does it help?

MBCOI has secured exclusive partnerships to provide access to several unique platforms and is focusing on these opportunities to drive revenue.

Program Overview

Our platforms include: Aquaculture: A catalyst for biotechnology development that is of strategic importance to MBCOI and NC by offering long term potential for substantial economic growth in NC. Genomics: Genomic Signatures and Motif Fingerprinting (GF), the most sensitive and fastest genomic bioinformatics system in the world. Imaging: Marine Magnetic Resonance Facility (MMRF), a unique analytical capability which combines magnetic resonance imaging with magnetic resonance spectroscopy to characterize anatomy and biochemical changes for longitudinal studies of living organisms. Literature Informatics: E-Lit Libraries, the creation of comprehensive databases of chemistries and biologies for accelerating R&D and high-value intellectual property (IP). Technology Translation: MBCOI leverages its network to combine resources (people and technologies) from multiple institutions (public and private) to advance translation into products and services.

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