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The Concept

Investing in the life sciences sector across the United States and Canada.

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Who's it for?

Entrepreneurs that are managing companies that are making advancements in the life sciences and medical fields.

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What problem does it solve?

Developments in the medical field for startups can be challenging without backing from investors but receiving that backing is difficult with the amount of risk involved with the companies

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How does it help?

Having well-experienced investors is crucial for the success of a life science company and the Pappas Venture fund can provide a full team of experienced industry leaders and partners.

Program Overview

Research and technology are advancing medical science — and opportunities to improve healthcare — faster than ever before. At Pappas Ventures, our insightful team has the expertise and knowledge necessary to examine those opportunities, appraise their viability, and build our portfolio with companies that show the most potential. While the landscape is constantly evolving, we take a long-term approach, advancing life science solutions that will enhance patient care long into the future.

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